Silkie Girls

After a bit of mucking around - the "boys" have been moved off to a separate pen on their own as we moved the new girls (6 of them) in on Sunday and they promptly all hide behind the nesting boxes and wouldn't come out. I think they need a little… more »

The problem with Silkies....

We posted a while ago about 3 lovely little silkie hens, and one cross-breed rooster that we bought from Talbot - Charles and the Courtesans. Well, it turns out that we've got Charles, Neil and Kevin and the poor single courtesan Sophia. A bad set of… more »

Ducks at 2 months old

The ducklings have very quickly gone from little fluffy balls of yellow down to darn hard to pick from their parents at a quick glance. Angelina and Jim are at the top of the photo - we've still not named the babies, too hard to tell them apart yet. Mum… more »

Finished Pergola, Meg and Tim

Couple of photos of the finished pergola (well we've still got to finish stretching the shadecloth and spreading the mulch) but it's working / house is more comfortable in the heat now. Meg has decided that Tim's somebody she can work with - and most… more »

Sunscreen Pergolas

One of the things that we wanted to use this blog for is as a record of what we've done over the years that we intend living on this property. It's a huge pity that I never remember to do these postings on a more regular basis - but one of the big jobs… more »