Stuff and work

We've been busy again - not on the pergola which was started, and then I got distracted. Luckily no tomatoes were planted out in early November - I had them ready in the hothouse but dithered a bit in early November, laughingly because of tales of… more »

Ducklings - looking like little Ducks Now

There are even feathers appearing - although it's still impossible to tell how many are boys and how many are girls - the scary thing is that all the feathers on their shoulders look dark But today they are enjoying a bit of a sit in the sun as Captain… more »

Charles and the Courtesans

A little while ago we were at Talbot Farmers Market and there was this young boy selling Silkies. I do like to see kids breeding / selling chooks - nice to see some kids are still kids, and these were very nice birds. Charles is a bitzer obviously, but… more »