Chook Run Redesign

When we first moved in - good grief, nearly 12 months ago now! we kept saying we were going to have to redesign the main chook run. It was divided into two parts: One side - the one with the roof wasn't fox / predator secure, so we could only open the… more »


Grumpy Stumpy Very Grumpy Stumpy This little stumpy has worked up quite a liking for a spot of insect munching and general sun-baking just outside the back steps in the box vegetable garden area. Problem is that Jedda in particular thinks Lizards are… more »

Ducklings at just over 2 weeks old

Finally - a "reasonable" photo of the family. Interestingly enough Angelina is starting to calm down a little - Slippery Jim on the other hand is still pretty well feral when it comes to grabbing ducklings with his bill and dragging them back under… more »

Damp ducklings and an "Every boy should have" moment

In lieu of any decent photos of the ducks - hell yesterday we were way too busy stopping them from drowning (more on that later), but in the process of checking through the photos on the camera - and because Fiona and Andrew visited us over the weekend:… more »

Building Can Get Complicated

We've been talking about this pergola at the front of the house for a while and this heatwave has kinda made the job get a little more urgency - especially as we had to erect temporary shelters over the herb gardens when things started cooking! So Adam… more »