The great mattress migration

I am curious. Every time we've made the trek to or from our old place we have seen at least one if not several mattress-laden cars, trailers or utes. So what is going on? Are there that many people moving house at this time of the year? Or do people… more »

Announcing the Arrival of

Well for what it's worth - we've moved. Sort of. We're living up in the Pyrenees Ranges now - everybody is here - the chooks, the dogs and us. We've still doing the rushing backwards and forwards to our old house as we dismantle hot houses, fox proof… more »

Apricots, chook houses and nearly ready to go

Well, with hearts in mouths and knowing full well that we've still got more dog fencing to go (we're going to have to lock them onto the deck and in the house when we're in and out for a few days after Christmas), we're ready to start moving in.… more »

Well it definitely persisted down

It absolutely bucketed rain in Southern Victoria yesterday. It has rained a little at the new place - nowhere near as much as we battled through to get there yesterday mind you, but rain nonetheless. It was raining yesterday morning when we loaded the… more »

Another weekend, a little bit closer

Well, thanks to Adam spending a few days up there last week, and a big Saturday finishing off the top edges.... THE PAINTING IS FINISHED. Karen - whatever you do remember how this has gone and don't whatever you do, consider repainting for a long time… more »