Water Maths

Math's aren't my strong point.

Which makes this "rain business" even more complicated than you'd think.

Mind you, I got Saturday right - ignoring the 20 or so ml forecast they were dangling earlier in the week because... well really..... eventually there were mutterings about the possibility of showers on Saturday.

Which we know means zero (much the same as the forecast for "reduced winter rainfall" for Victoria means reduced in Melbourne and most likely zero here....), but back to the Saturday zero thing.

I got two loads of washing done and dry. Granted we had a brief shower in the early evening but not enough to even dampen anything. Lucky I did it as I think that luxury is rapidly coming to an end ... and that's with a pretty hefty allocation of water for the household.

Sunday night / this morning we did gather up 4mls though. But asking the mathematical type person in the household that seems to equate roughly to 800 litres in the tanks.

Split that in half as some of the tanks are quarantined for fire fighting / animal welfare.

Then take the mythical 150litre per person per day idiocy that was being flung around in the "drought" (the one that's not happening anymore because it's rained in Melbourne...)  and divide that into 400litres and you can see how underwhelming 4mls becomes.

Of course we've not used that much water per day / per person for years.

Which is just as well really.

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