It's here!!!!

It was one of those typical Sunday afternoons - the Weekly Times broken up into parts and spread all over the table - and both of us reading out bits and pieces of interest as we encountered them.

So he says something along the lines of "there's a 10,000 egg incubator for sale here and it's dirt cheap...".

Of course everybody wants a 10,000 egg incubator so we thought it had probably been snapped up - but why not call.

It was still available.

Most people had been assuming that the 10,000 bit was a misprint and had nearly swallowed their phones when they heard the details. So the seller was really careful to spell out the facts.

Yes it was a 10,000 egg incubator.


It was tucked away in a garage in Melbourne's South-Eastern suburbs.

Where it had been for 30 years give or take a few.


Oh and it weighs about a tonne. Give or take a few kilos.


And it's big. About 6 feet high, 6 feet 3 wide and around 8 feet long.


And it's now in our shed.

Getting it here?

Well - 1 car transport trailer and 1 hired ute (no way ours was going to pull that up a hill and besides - no airconditioning - we'd have been soup by about Ballan).

7 very large blokes at the Melbourne end - lots of water pipe, 1 winch, 1 hour's much pushing, shoving, sweating and sheer physical hard work.

3 or so hours drive.

Next morning, 2 blokes, 3 girls, water pipe, one set of welded wheels (made the night before), a couple of bars and gravity and there it is.

It "should" still work - needs a new motor, and needs a good clean out. But lordy it's beautiful.


And big
And unbelievably heavy
Stage 1 will be a very good clean out and reoil / recondition.
Stage 2 will involve putting some industrial strength casters on it so we can move it without the jack's and a certain frisson of danger.
Then we're going to see about getting a motor onto it.
Everything's a bit dirty and dried out - but the thing is SO clever.
This is serious engineering.
Which also came with a little box of spare parts which we didn't discover until we started clearing out the extra trays and generally tidying up.
The temperature sensors and microswitches and the techy stuff in it is astounding.
As are the double doors and the amazing construction of the thing.
He's really looking forward to getting it cleaned out and having a good dig through the internals.


She's just grumpy that something else is distracting us from worshipping herself.

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