In memory of Eileen Mary Donnison (nee Cain)

Today, the day before Mother's Day, my mother died.  It was fitting in some ways, she hated Mother's Day as she thought you shouldn't need a special day to remember your mother - that should be every day. My mother was born Eileen Mary Cain in the peri… more »

No it didn't rain

Yes we know they were predicting rain yesterday - managed to raise a smile although, to be honest, you can see the punchline coming now. We know it has rained in other parts of the State - oh do we know that.  We got a hot, windy, dry day - and a… more »

The Sound Track of Our Lives

We recently got some guinea fowl - early snake warning system / early intruder warning system / the cat's here the CAT'S HERE warning system... the noise is hilarious. And it's consistent. Whereas you can hear them from just about everywhere - right n… more »

Water Maths

Math's aren't my strong point. Which makes this "rain business" even more complicated than you'd think. Mind you, I got Saturday right - ignoring the 20 or so ml forecast they were dangling earlier in the week because... well really..... eventually th… more »

Yesterday's Forecast: Showers, Band of Rain, Possible Thunderstorms

Oh we laughed - great joke! 1/2 ml in the gauge this morning. more »