In memory of Eileen Mary Donnison (nee Cain)

Today, the day before Mother's Day, my mother died. ┬áIt was fitting in some ways, she hated Mother's Day as she thought you shouldn't need a special day to remember your mother - that should be every day. My mother was born Eileen Mary Cain in the peri… more »

Book Review: Madigan Mine - Kirstyn McDermott

Title: MADIGAN MINE Publisher: Picador Author: Kirstyn McDermott Edition released: 2010 ISBN: 9780330425711 303 pages Reviewed by: Adam Donnison Madigan, the childhood friend that went away, grew up and returned - to throw chaos into the life of Alex.… more »

AussieCon 4 - Day Three - Copyright in the 21st Century

An interesting set of talks today at AussieCon 4. There were so many more I would have liked to have seen, but packing the huge number of topics into a tight schedule will always result in those sorts of tradeoffs. First up, a subject dear to my heart,… more »

AussieCon 4 - Day Two

I was tempted to title this "From Stiletto to Steel Cap - the fashions of AussieCon", although at least one other blogger has already touched on this subject, so perhaps not. For me today's running sheet started with "To Eternity and Beyond" - about… more »

AussieCon 4 - Day One

This was the first WorldCon that I'd ever been to, and since it was in my erstwhile home town for only the fourth time in its 68th iteration, it was a chance I was not going to miss. I had been involved in conventions before, but usually as a presenter,… more »