Book Review: Madigan Mine - Kirstyn McDermott

Publisher: Picador
Author: Kirstyn McDermott
Edition released: 2010
ISBN: 9780330425711
303 pages
Reviewed by: Adam Donnison

Madigan, the childhood friend that went away, grew up and returned - to throw chaos into the life of Alex. Alex, who is completely besotted with Madigan, can't believe his luck when an unexpected meeting at Flinders Street Station brings her back into his life. He is prepared to take just about anything from her, just to keep her close. But Madigan has taken her own life, and Alex cannot understand it. Worse, Alex is now struggling to keep a grip on sanity as his world turns upside down.

From the opening lines, to the last words, MADIGAN MINE kept me riveted. These days I rarely find a book that I can truly say I couldn't put down, but this is the exception. This is Kirstyn's first foray into the novel form, although she has had many short pieces published. For a first book, MADIGAN MINE is a blinder. The characters are all too real, and the suspension of disbelief is immediate and total. This is a truly believable yarn that grabs you by the goolies and won't let go.

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