The new and the very very old

He's been out and about with the camera - so some of the new additions


Starting out with Alvin, Simon and Theodore - the 2 lambs are now nearly the same size as Alvin and... well absolute and utter brats. Funny as - but most of the laughing accompanies much yelling of SIMON.... get out of .....



They've taken over the duck shed these days - maybe because that's where their hay bale is...

Then there's the new chicks - the Wheaten Aracauna's are next door's but the Silver Laced Wyandottes will be staying put.






The guinea fowl is a ring-in - but will eventually go out with this lot:






Who are busily finding their way around the place - and doing in a certain little black cat's head - as they can fly - a long distance (they have a tendency to land right beside him which he's not best pleased about)!


Then there's Chloe the Turkey who is raising two Australorp chicks - they've just discovered they can get under fences that she can't (well today she seems to have gone over the wall as well, I just looked out the window and they are all running around the house...) But she's been a wonder of a mum, if not just a bit feral with anything that goes near her chicks.




Next up Max, 99 and the two young ducklings - who have formed a good little group and this morning were let out to the dam (with about 6 inches of water in it!) with the rest of the ducks. Bit of pushing and shoving, but they seem to have settled down this afternoon.



Finally, the very very old - dear Clancy - who is dealing with a failing heart and ongoing strokes but is keeping on keeping on, albeit slowly and a little bit tottery. We're grateful for the early warning that he won't be with us for a lot longer - as there's been a lot of cuddles and a lot of quiet time with him in the last few weeks.


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