Another weekend, a little bit closer

Well, thanks to Adam spending a few days up there last week, and a big Saturday finishing off the top edges....


Karen - whatever you do remember how this has gone and don't whatever you do, consider repainting for a long time to come.

Painted Lounge Room... FINISHED

We then started on the floor....... back ache central.

We had to pick up some stuff locally unfortunately, so we went up on Saturday just in the ute, which meant we had to turn around and come back that night to feed animals. So we headed back up again on Sunday morning - with dogs. We've nearly finished the bulk of the flooring - just got a little in the walk-in robes and then the edging to complete that part.

Hopefully that means that next weekend we'll finish the repairs to the chook house and finally be in a position where we can get serious about this blasted move.

Oh - and if any of you city people are wondering why Country Victorians are a little bit pissed off about the idea of piping water out of the regions:

Lake Learmonth

I used to go swimming in this "lake" when I was a kid - and it was a very popular speed boat location.

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