Announcing the Arrival of

Phoenix tests the waters

Well for what it's worth - we've moved.

Sort of.

We're living up in the Pyrenees Ranges now - everybody is here - the chooks, the dogs and us.

We've still doing the rushing backwards and forwards to our old house as we dismantle hot houses, fox proof fences, pack up the final things in the house and drag everything up here. But for what it's worth the move happened.

It was eventful in that the truck arrived but they boys had only packed half of the bedding that we needed for guests on New Years Eve - so there was a mad dash back down there again on the day to get the rest of the bed!

There have been a few more runs backwards and forwards in the ute since (and we keep finding things that we've only moved half of - although we have found the telescope tripod now!), but we've another Truck booked for Friday this week so that we can bring up the remainder of the hot house hoops and odds and ends like that (with a trip down tomorrow for plants and final boxing up of odds and ends).

Of course, nothing ever goes according to plan, and on the way Clancy has ruptured his cruciate ligament - requiring an operation on Wednesday (tomorrow). We pick him up from the new vets on Thursday morning, so that is going to clip my wings for a few days.

Adam and Clancy

Still - things are slowly getting there and I will try and take some more photos soon - but it's 36 degrees outside and I'm a bloody sook.

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