Apricots, chook houses and nearly ready to go

Well, with hearts in mouths and knowing full well that we've still got more dog fencing to go (we're going to have to lock them onto the deck and in the house when we're in and out for a few days after Christmas), we're ready to start moving in.

Excitingly for some reason the birds have left the Apricot tree alone

Apricot Tree

We didn't. Ripe apricots direct from the tree! Yum. We did some serious eating. Strange that the birds haven't really taken all of these, yet they have stripped the cherry tree. Let's hope the pears survive.

This weekend we finished the first round of adjustments to the chook house - it's got some ventilation, the nests have been adjusted, there are new perches (plus a ladder), there's a door in the side that Auntie Jack can fit through, and the edges of the closed in run have been reinforced. From here at some stage we'll need to cover the shaded end with wire and sort out an opening at the back that we can clean the shed out more easily than via the front door.

Chook House Work Area

Chook House Work Area

(Just to show that he does a lot of work up there - and you can actually see that Phoenix did get out of bed and outside on the weekend which was fabulous to see!)

Chook House Work Area

Back of Chook House Towards Vegetable Garden

New "Auntie Jack" capacity door:

Chook House

One finished chook area:

Chook House Version 1 Ready to Go

And from Friday afternoon - waiting for Fiona to pick them up for their walk:

Walk Wait

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