Lurgis and Locusts

Christmas always greets us with guests, usually those welcome, like the group we had over for Chrissy dinner. Then there are those unwelcome ones, like the dreaded lurgi that hit me two days before Christmas that I then passed on to "She who must be… more »

Not to be outdone - the Christmas Ducks

NONE of these are intended for a pot incidentally - the Christmas Turkeys and the Christmas Ducks are now part of the flock in these parts. But when we were at Talbot Farmers Market on Sunday - saw these girls and couldn't resist. Say hello to Soula,… more »

Christmas Turkey Shopping my way and gardening

So the Weekly Times arrived and the magazine in it had a story on Deutscher's Turkey Farm at Dadswells Bridge (opposite the Giant Koala for those that have seen the movie Charlie and Boots...). But having had no success with a sitting of eggs (all… more »

Wet, Wet Wet

Good grief it's wet in these parts. It's just got silly now - about the only things happy at the moment are the ducks, the slugs and the mozzies! But things are trying to grow in the vegetable garden whilst we fight the desperate fight against the… more »