Time to Lock the Doors again...

It's that time of year again. When there are baskets and baskets of these things and you get to the point where the chooks won't even eat them. There's worse problems in the world This is just what we grabbed last night - we're picking baskets like this… more »

Hanging Around

Along with the multitudes (droves / swarms / absolute plagues) of mosquitoes (and locusts and snails and everything else this weather has bought out to drive us to distraction), we've got heaps of these guys busily building webs everywhere. Last night… more »

Damp but not drowned

In Queensland things are dire. And we don't want to take away from that. Yet the same weather system hammering the north is having its effects down south as well. The chook yard is looking a little sorry at the moment, and while I didn't get any shots… more »

Lake Learmonth - comparisons

8th December 2008: 13th January 2011: Not quite full, but it's filled to this level since September! more »

It's Raining Again.....

Nowhere near as much in QLD and NSW but we're certainly soggy enough in some places. Yesterday there was a slight respite so we went out for Alpaca feed as we were running short and if it rains non-stop for the next couple of days I have no desire… more »