The problem with Silkies....

We posted a while ago about 3 lovely little silkie hens, and one cross-breed rooster that we bought from Talbot - Charles and the Courtesans.

Well, it turns out that we've got Charles, Neil and Kevin and the poor single courtesan Sophia. A bad set of circumstances as the roosters are huffing and puffing at each other a little, but not really getting into fighting - they are all too busy ganging up on Sophia. Which is most definitely not good.

We're off to Talbot again tomorrow so we'll bring home some more hens if the normal seller is there, but we also needed to rework the housing.

Which is tricky as Adam's done his back in badly and is limited in what he can and cannot do.

Enter Tim - who helped out tremendously with the task at hand!

Oh - with his little shadow of course:

With Tim doing the lifting and bending, and Adam doing the squatting:

We've now got a secure house and a run that will be okay for the days when we're around.

We'll move two of the roosters in there tomorrow when we get the new hens, and I'm ordering a couple more mobile / smaller pens in flat pack mode so that we've got some fall back positions for these little problems in life.


Comment from: Sunnie [Visitor]

AAh, teamwork. Did Tim enjoy the experience?

16/01/10 @ 22:10
Comment from: [Member]

He’s still whinging about sweating and having a sore back - and the temperature’s just dropped to below 20C so I “think” he enjoyed it…

16/01/10 @ 22:18

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