Hot Morning Skies

Adam (and I stress only Adam) was up before dawn this morning - the rest of us could not stir. This is the sunrise as it appeared over the back more »

In which I try to refrain from banging on about the heat

It's definitely hot. It's blowtorch hot. But it's that way all over Victoria and at least it's not humid and hot here. (We're at the stage in a multiple 42c+ day cycle that we're looking for the positives). But that's it. No more on how bloody hot it… more »

Well wasn't yesterday "fun"

Anybody in Victoria yesterday will undoubtedly attest to this - it was a tad breezy. Well actually it blew a bloody gale. It was so windy we had to take the shade sails off the front of the house to stop them ripping the front wall off or taking off,… more »

1-1/2 Bales Distributed

Now this might not seem like a lot to you people, but it's been stinking hot here, so the fact that we've distributed any of the mulch is a cause for some startled looks around here. Still - 1/3 of a tonne is a start. Now hopefully, one day, maybe, if… more »


When we mulch in these parts - we mulch! It is such a joy to live somewhere that, if you want something delivered, it can be delivered. To the door. Even if it comes in tonnes. I went to Maryborough this morning with Clancy to have his stitches taken… more »