New Additions

We've started our own chapter of the Sisters in Crime. I swear we spend more time dreaming up female names for chooks than is good for your sanity. But yesterday we went to the Seymour Expo and I was lucky enough to pick up 4 Barnevelder pullets. They… more »

Nothing much to report

Basically I haven't posted much as there's not a lot to say at the moment. We did manage one more trip back to the old house - in the middle of dense, dense smoke and heat. Let's hope some of those people have got a better fire plan than what we saw… more »

I Give Up

Before anybody thinks this is just going to be a blog whinging about the weather - you just won't believe what's happening here. After near as a fortnight of over 42degrees celsius - stinking stinking hot, it struggled to get much over 20 today. And the… more »

Looking for a name.

In what is being described as the worst ever fire conditions much of the state is either ablaze or nervously waiting for their turn in the crucible. As I write this the horrendous news that 14 are confirmed dead due to the Kinglake fires with the number… more »

In which I have to bang on about the heat

Because there's simply not a lot else to talk about. Second week of the heatwave - ignore those poor precious little flowers around Melbourne - the heatwave has continued on out here in the back blocks. But I thought I'd better say something for… more »