Another year passes, another change in lifestyle

This one, however, is a big one compared with our last life changing decision - to go bush and get our lives back. Unfortunately I have a sneaking suspicion we may not have made the most of those twelve months, and freedom and independence may be a long… more »

February Pumpkin Patch & Duck Bath renovations

For a while now we've been contemplating moving the Ducks Bath a little as the area it was in is about to undergo some garden bed development (we need to put up a more extensive shade house for the summer heat)... But anyway. Andrew / Fiona - as… more »

Sorting out the Silkie Problem

We're slowly getting things sorted out, although there is a virus running through the flock at the moment that's causing a few deaths - some of the older and very younger stock have died, which has again added a bit more complication to the "excess… more »