Mindless Bureacracy Watch #2

Is it becoming more frequent or am I getting less interested in playing these childish games..... But really. We "cashed" in some reward points in February - expected a delivery within 10 or so days. Nothing showed. Gave them a week or so grace, then… more »

The Redbank Bunyip

Whilst early accounts of William Buckley sighting the Geelong Bunyip abound, little has been seen or heard of Bunyips in recent years. Perhaps this is because many of them now are more benign creatures than those of Aboriginal lore. The Redbank Bunyip… more »

Mindless Bureacracy Watch #1

It has to be done. Either that or we'll explode. It's hard to soar like an eagle when you're surrounded constantly by idiots. Today's little bit of idiocy was getting 3 dog registration forms from the old Shire we used to live in. (Yes the Shire of… more »

Box Gardening

We've got an experimental few garden plots going in the Vegetable Garden paddock, but it's a bit of a struggle at the moment with the soil horrendously hydrophobic and lacking in organic matter - so we've got some building up to do, which probably isn't… more »

Mixed Feelings

Mixed feelings is an understatement. Powercor's Line Clearers came through today. They did a very tidy job. But they cut down a bloody lot of trees and there are now big gaps in what was already an area with sod all vegetation on it. Okay we accept that… more »