Kangaroos Loose in the Top Paddock

Got up a little late this morning, and wandered out the back door at about 9.00am and there he was: After I turned around and put the camera back inside - I noticed a smaller one in the front paddock, casually hopping along the fence. They both… more »

Mindless Bureacracy Watch #2 - the ongoing saga

Well I rang the bank back again today. I've been "patiently" waiting for my courtesy call from them - nothing. Courtesy call from the transport company too useless to find the major highway between Mildura and Ballarat - still waiting for that one as… more »

Single Use is Not an Option

One of the things that we figured out a long time ago is that single use items aren't much chop. It's particularly applicable now that we're in such a small house. It feels rather strange having been whinging about the heat not so long ago, but heating… more »

Brand Spanking New Tiguan

Our dear old Toyota Prado was well over 13 years old, it has provided sterling service for all those years but alas, it was starting to get tired and starting to cost serious repair / restoration money. Plus it drank petrol like nobody's business. It… more »

More Sheds

You can just never ever have too many sheds! Besides - there was nothing much in the vegetable garden area and carting equipment backwards and forwards from the main machinery shed was getting old, and Adam wanted some space back in there - so we put up… more »