Tunnelling (House) Up Up and Away

Once the hot house was installed we started off by getting some seedling trays in and going (as it would be the next weekend before we could build the raised bed down one side): So whilst that was all ticking over nicely (and some seeds have already… more »

Tunnelling (House) Away - Stage 2

Well on the second Sunday it was plastic installation day - on the Saturday afternoon we spent a little while doing all the prep, so once we'd returned from the Farmers Market, had some lunch we got ourselves organised and stuck in. Now it's hard to… more »

Tunnelling (House) Away

We've been very busy so blog posts haven't been happening. But the last couple of weekends have been caught up with erecting the tunnel house (well at the last place it was 2 tunnel houses, here it's one thumping great big long one!) Erecting these… more »