The Little Red Tractor has landed

Red letter day around here (groan) The tractor arrived this morning. It's a 25hp, 4WD Kubota tractor with a grader, slasher, S Tine Cultivator, Carry-All, Towbar and a spray pack. It's a lovely little tractor - exactly the size I was hoping for (and… more »

Ice on the Ground

The frosts around here are pretty spectacular. Takes me back to the good old days of childhood, standing in ice, swapping feet on the roadside waiting for the school bus, the frozen animal water troughs, frozen pipes from the tank to the house (at least… more »

Rampant Recycling

You've probably guessed by now that recycling is a big part of our life. A while ago friends offered us some kiwifruit crates that they had been given and were breaking apart for firewood. In the same batch were a few other goodies including discarded… more »

First Batch of New Trees

One of the things that we've got to do is get moving on some proper fruit varieties. The little orchard that is here is a nice to have, but we need to increase the numbers - firstly because of variety and range of available fruit, and also to add some… more »

Okay, so it's winter

I'm fairly sure it wasn't so long ago we were having a serious whinge about the heat. Fair enough - it was February. So now it's June and it's time for a serious whinge about the cold. It dropped to -0.4 this morning, about 15 minutes before we had to… more »