Weather Station, take 2

Those who have been following this blog will have noticed that the weather widget in the bottom right corner has been stuck in March. This was due to a combination of animal factors. One being a rodent eating through cables and the other being an alpaca… more »

Odds and Ends

I've been meaning to post a few odds and ends for a while now - so here they are. We were recently "featured" in the local newspaper in a story about the farm, and our plans, as well as what we're currently doing for "day jobs". This was the photo that… more »

The Power of Ignore

One of the things that I love so much about media is the remote control. And your own personal control. The interesting thing about information, and following people's opinions and discussions and updates is that if they are talking about issues that… more »

Congratulations Julia and all power to your cause

I have to confess I was pleased as punch this morning to hear of the Labor Party spill. Yes it's great news to FINALLY get a female Prime Minister, but right now, at this point in our history, it's even more important to have a Prime Minister that we… more »

Eating Out

One of the things that I was vaguely nervous about when we moved out to the middle of nowhere was never being able to eat out ever again. Gluten intolerance is an absolute bastard to manage when you're out, I seem to have to spend half my life madly… more »