Ararat & Halls Gap

Just so that Adam's 3 weeks off, and Eric's arrival wasn't all play and no fun, we did take a day off and wandered over to the Chinese Museum in Ararat and then onto Halls Gap for a quick look. Over the next few weekends we've got to do a bit more… more »

Another Tank

The only roofline around here that didn't have a tank attached to it was the pig / chook sheds. Which seemed sad as that's right beside the vegetable gardens and should be able to be utilised without the need for the big electric pump on the farm shed… more »


We've been frantically busy over the last few weeks - Eric's arrived and Adam had some holiday time, so it's been heads down and getting on with some infrastructure projects - so I'm behind in noting down what's been going on. Simple things to start off… more »

We Were Looking for a book...

We've had these boxes stacked up in the winery shed since we moved, and we've really really really needed to unpack them. I was starting to suffer severe withdrawal from cookery books, and there are so many birds I need to identify, to say nothing of… more »

Nor any drop to drink

One thing that you have to be really careful of around here is water. We've already had one episode prior to moving in where a failed plumbing fitting caused us to lose half our potable water storage, something that was very sobering as we juggled the… more »