Settling In

Slippery Jim and Angelina and starting to set up quite a routine. I admit it's mostly swim a bit in the old bath, have a nap, go for a very quick waddle between the shed and the bath, and swim a bit more. We have found that they are besides themselves… more »

More Additions

We went to Talbot Farmers Market yesterday. Got soaked to the skin - twice. The rain's fantastic. It's tremendous. It's bloody wet. Still we came away with a few more additions: New chooks - Barnevelder crosses. Lousy photo. Things are barking mad.… more »

Officially Named

After a little mucking around (which was really related to getting which is which of the white Alpacas sorted out), we've officially dubbed them with their names: Meet: Dalziel (Sorry the photos of Dalziel came out a bit dark - it's a bitterly cold,… more »

They've Arrived

We've picked out 4 names, now we're just working out which name fits which personality - but the boys arrived last night. Into a gale force wind and some rain, but they survived the night quite well and today we let them out into the old pig paddock /… more »

Weather Posts

Jan and Jude dropped into to see goings on today and Jan bought some photos she'd taken when they were here last - a couple of these are really outstanding - the way that Jan's pasted 2 photos together to create a panorama. more »