Blink and it all changes

Okay - well it's been a long, slow, drawn out blink... but One of the most interesting things about the social activities of the past weekend was getting to and from them. All over this area there are roads with water depth indicators on the side of… more »

Twelfth Night in Ballarat on ... the 13th

Okay so maybe I'm the only one that found that vaguely amusing, but this is a production I've been looking forward to and wind (gale really), rain (it turns out those water level indicators on the sides of roads aren't just the universe taking the… more »

I WANT A PONY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I didn't really even think I wanted a pony - okay so it might have crossed my mind when I was contemplating the need for some horse manure. But I never really seriously thought about ponies. And then we got 2 ponies. Okay we only got them for a day… more »