The Little Red Tractor has landed

Red letter day around here (groan)

The tractor arrived this morning.

It's a 25hp, 4WD Kubota tractor with a grader, slasher, S Tine Cultivator, Carry-All, Towbar and a spray pack.

It's a lovely little tractor - exactly the size I was hoping for (and about half of what he was hoping for :D ) but in the end we agreed that the really big jobs will need a bloke with a bloody big gizmo, whereas this will be absolutely perfect for the day to day tasks.

He's been wizzing around the yard, putting all the implements away and getting it parked up in it's newly cleared out spot in the machinery shed and there's been a bit of a grin. There's even a bit of a hole dug and a spot graded out the back of the sheds!

All these gadgets I'm reliably informed we have a use for - I suspect the carryall is going to rapidly become my favourite, particularly if I don't have to keep pushing wheelbarrow loads of straw around!

Alas, it's a working day, otherwise I would have expected not to see him again until well past dark. As it is, the tractor had to be tucked away and he'll have to go and play it with again on the weekend I'd imagine.

Not - of course, before he and she had to check out the whole situation (there's nothing like people standing around in the front yard while they are locked inside to make them spit chips!)


Comment from: Sunnie [Visitor]

I really like the colour. Hard to miss.
Ya reckon the dogs will adopt the carry all?

22/06/09 @ 16:20
Comment from: [Member]

God I hope not - they are both so brainless they’d end up squashed doggie before you could blink - I suspect they will be banned from the general vicinity (or if they are lucky they might get a cage on the carry-all to ride around in :)

22/06/09 @ 16:23
Comment from: Evan [Visitor]

“in the end we agreed that the really big jobs will need a bloke with a bloody big gizmo”

There’s a joke in there somewhere, but I’m just too damn tired to find it at the moment.

Update on the pet front. We’ve integrated the sleeping quarters, having moved the kittens from the bathroom to the laundry bench. Although they still like to hang around the back bedrooms a fair bit, which is fine, they are not so immediately freaked out by Toby.

The shy one has turned out to be the bold one, and the more out-going one has turned out to be more timid. Funny how that works out.

I had to chase one of the little fur-balls around and around the house one night, rounding them up for bed. I finally got him in the back of the house, successively closing doors and chasing out of rooms until I hid him cornered. Real fun at one in the morning.

Also teaching them to stay off benches and tables with judicious use of a water pistol. One of the perks.

See all the incredible news you miss out on when you’re not on IRC? :-^

22/06/09 @ 20:20
Comment from: Jude [Visitor]

Very nice guys, you know the old saying red vehicles go faster, if you leave now you can come and slash and level my yard I’ll expect to see you soon……..!!! Enjoy!
And still waiting for my blue letter day!

22/06/09 @ 21:24
Comment from: [Member]

Evan - you realise these kitten stories are doing my argument about needing a cat no good whatsoever. (I have high hopes of something that could hang off the end of furniture and swipe Madam every time she sashays past!)

One day when you’re up here you’ll have to see the size of the “big gizmos” that wander up and down the highway!

23/06/09 @ 10:11
Comment from: [Member]

Jude - 25kph top speed, “soon” might have to be a flexible thing (to say nothing of him having to creep through paddocks because it’s not registered :) )

Hopefully your toy will arrive soon.

23/06/09 @ 10:12

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