Ice on the Ground

The frosts around here are pretty spectacular.

Takes me back to the good old days of childhood, standing in ice, swapping feet on the roadside waiting for the school bus, the frozen animal water troughs, frozen pipes from the tank to the house (at least we seem to be spared that).

The interesting thing about the climate around here is that there are these extremes - makes the design of the property something that really has the potential to mitigate the weather conditions, rather than just play around the edges. Let's face it - this is the sort of country and the sort of climate that Permaculture has to work in, as you have to actively manage the wind, the heat and the cold (as well as the dry - although the water storage here is a bloody good start).

Himself has a few weeks off at the end of this month, and one of the jobs we want to get a scurry on with is managing water flows better - sorting out run off into the dam that's not well set up, sorting out capturing overflow and managing that, getting waste water processing into place, and adding an extra tank to the one roof line (the pig sheds) that currently doesn't have one).

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