Sunscreen Pergolas

One of the things that we wanted to use this blog for is as a record of what we've done over the years that we intend living on this property. It's a huge pity that I never remember to do these postings on a more regular basis - but one of the big jobs we've been working on recently has been putting some sun protection on the front of house.

This was quite a few weeks of effort - but most of the constructions is finished now (and just in time with our next 40+ temperature day due on Monday, and it is working really well. It was a tricky construction job as most of the work was up in the air - but we sorted it out, mostly doing a couple of hours in the late afternoon / early evening when the sun had gone down enough to make it possible to work out there.

Temporary work station was set up - we ended up with quite an efficient cartload of tools and things that were dragged in and out of the shed as required.

The first set of uprights and overheads - Adam basically built the whole thing in blocks once the uprights had gone in.

Mind you, this tree is terrific for shading the front of the house - but an absolute sod of a thing to build around. Much muttering, swearing and cursing of the darn thing.

By now, nearly finished - although the far end is a lot higher than it looks - ladders and things quickly became not quite long enough!

The nail guns were absolutely invaluable in doing this job - and we ended up spray painting most of it as well - the rough hewn timber was an absolute bastard to paint with a brush.

The little dog in the foreground is Meg - more on her in a later post.

We wanted to paint it and we really really really didn't want to paint it in the same green that's all over the place - anything for a bit of colour - so terracotta it is (might even do the front door with the same paint one day...)

As you can see we solved the ladder problem in a slightly unusual way...

And here we are - painted and ready for shadecloth. We're going to run shadecloth over the thing for a few years and plant some vines and climbing plants to eventually replace it.

The workforce on shadecloth pulling day - Adam's brother Tim in the background helping out. (He's staying with us for an undefined period of time as Adam's mum has broken a collarbone in a fall and has been stuck in hospital since the week before Christmas).

The full workforce (well Adam and Tim) with Jedda and Meg supervising). Clancy will be inside under the bed - the first whoosh of air from the compressor on day one of construction and as soon as we go anywhere near the pergola he disappears.

Fully finished photos on their way.....


Comment from: Jude [Visitor]

Very nice job and you forgot to ring and we would have lent a hand but you managed without the 2 J’s very nicely well done.

06/01/10 @ 03:26
Comment from: [Member]

Hi Jude - problem was it wasn’t a let’s do this sort of a job - it took us weeks in the end, just doing a few hours here and there.

Strawbale building is still being contemplated - at least we’re managing to clear the decks to get to that job anyway - you’re on the roster for that I can assure you :) :) :)

06/01/10 @ 12:28

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