Silkie Girls

After a bit of mucking around - the "boys" have been moved off to a separate pen on their own as we moved the new girls (6 of them) in on Sunday and they promptly all hide behind the nesting boxes and wouldn't come out. I think they need a little settling in time, as they are only 12 weeks old.

But they are absolutely gorgeous:

Sophia is in there as well, so there are 2 white, 2 silver, 1 brownish, 2 blackish.

6 new girls names required... this is getting complicated.


Comment from: Jude [Visitor]

They are lovely looking girls,hey Adam you’re really out numbered now. What about top models names?

19/01/10 @ 21:31
Comment from: [Member]

Models???? What are they….

I’ve got the Sisters in Crime already, so I’m wondering about a set of overseas authors now….

20/01/10 @ 11:17

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