Queens Birthday Long Weekend

Just finished a very nice long weekend. Started off with a highlight - visit from Andrew and Fiona, back from their travels. They joined us in the pub on Friday night for happy hour and then back here for dinner and a look at the wonderful photos from… more »

What's that stuff....

falling out of the sky. That's been falling out of the sky now since Monday? It's RAINING! It's been RAINING for 3 days now Nice gentle soaking in wet raining, soft raining, wet stuff from the sky. Tanks are slowly filling (3/4's full), long hot showers… more »

Hanging Adam

Everyone knows how many times Adam's banged on about wanting to be able to hang himself upside down whenever his back's playing up. So I solved it. The dog's get very confused when he disappears and are very relieved when he reappears - they don't seem… more »

Nothing in Particular

Just some random photos. Mind you, Miss Jedda's on rest and recuperation. She's sprained a knee and has to be kept "quiet" for 6 weeks! HAH I took these photos last week - today we're having our second wet, rainy, cold, wet Monday - and there's a lot of… more »