Pigs and Geese - because

She's back... hatching more straw for goodness sake!  Started off with 20 something of her own eggs - managed to kick them all around the yard, nothing hatched needless to say.  Then moved onto a dozen assorted duck eggs.  She managed to crack a couple… more »

It's not all poultry around here

We have been sorting out the vegetable and fruit gardening again for another year, although we've had a very very dry, weird spring again.  Stinking hot to cold fluctuations in temperature, have made it a bit of a lottery, without all the hassles of… more »

Buy your bloke a welder

When I was a kid I'd often wonder at Mum's propensity to buy Dad new tools for Christmas - he got pipe benders, welding kits, great boxes full of hand tools, band saws, all sorts of things... and I always used to wonder why (mind you - he got even a bit… more »

Breeding Time

We have got A LOT of chicks around and we're waiting for more hatchings of chicks and two of ducklings (one of which is likely to be very confused as the chook they were originally settled under was hoicked by one of the Turkeys... hopefully new housing… more »