She's Behind You! Pantomime comes to Moonambel

"Once upon a time..."  So began the pantomime "Sleeping Beauty" at the Moonambel hall.     The words spoken by yours truly in an Irish accent while dressed as a frog.  This was my fifth appearance in a Steve Lane/Gwynnyth van den Bergen production with… more »

Predictions of a Long Hot Summer

Needless to say, after the desperately dry conditions we've had all winter and spring, predictions of a long hot Victorian summer have done nothing to increase comfort zones in these parts. Fire preparations are lurching into shape, and this year we'll… more »

I Suppose You Think this is Funny (aka Alpaca Shearing day)

Bright and early on Friday morning, himself arose and penned the boys. Who were NOT HAPPY. There was low level humming and a lot of baleful staring whilst they contemplated their fate. First up - Dalziel because, well he's the tamest so he's the… more »

Ducklings - Day 3

They are getting out and about now - so tomorrow or Saturday we'll move them from the small hatching cage (aka the Guinea Pig's cage) into a Cell so they can start to roam a bit. Mind you, getting close to them is taking your life in your hands. This… more »

Finally - some ducklings - a very rare breed indeed

We're having so many problems with duck hatchings this year that we've just basically decided - no matter how many eggs are infertile, we'll let every hatching go to term. This time around our Silkie hen sat it out on 12 eggs.   And managed to hatch out… more »