Ducklings - Day 3

They are getting out and about now - so tomorrow or Saturday we'll move them from the small hatching cage (aka the Guinea Pig's cage) into a Cell so they can start to roam a bit.

Mind you, getting close to them is taking your life in your hands. This Silkie is normally a bit grumpy, but lordy this time she's turned into a bloody attack chook - she's flying, pecking, charging, squealing, carrying on like a lunatic. Okay so we were a getting a bit desperate about the lack of duckling hatchings, but there's no call for her to take it quite so personally!


Comment from: Sally [Visitor]

I guess they’re not destined for a yummy Duck L’orange when they grow up?

It’s ok - I’m slapping myself - bad Sally!

16/11/12 @ 18:25
Comment from: [Member]

Alas these days, some of the excess boys do end up on the table.

Whilst I end up in the back room pretending they aren’t on the table…. others in the house are less conflicted…

19/11/12 @ 15:24

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