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dotProject 2.1.7 addresses several security concerns

November 15th, 2012
We have just released dotProject 2.1.7 which is primarily a security and bug fix release.  A number of XSS and SQL injection vulnerabilities have been reported to us and we have pulled out all stops to ensure they are now fixed.  If you are running any… more »

dotProject 2.1.6 now released

August 14th, 2012
There is now a new version of dotProject available over on SourceForge. This version cleans up quite a few issues that had sneaked in over time.  Some of the wierdness in the 2.1.5 install has been addressed, so upgrades should be much more functional.… more »

Can you spell entrepreneur?

February 15th, 2011
I'm often asked "Why should I use dotProject instead of .  They tell me it is an upgrade/massive improvement/gift from God".  My answer is always the same.  I don't comment on other projects.  If… more »

dotProject 2.1.5 Released

January 6th, 2011
The 2.1.5 version of dotProject has been released today. This version fixes a number of issues with table prefixing introduced in 2.1.4, and for those using table prefixing, the upgrade is a must. There have also been some improvements to those in large… more »

dotProject 2.1.4 Released!

November 19th, 2010
dotProject 2.1.4 hit the streets today. We integrated some very large patch sets into this release, and while we've taken every care to get it right, there may be a few rough edges. If you find anything you can always submit a bug. But before you do… more » Restored

April 16th, 2010
Sorry everyone - but the hack happened overnight our time - all should be restored now. more » hacked

April 16th, 2010
We've just found that someone has hacked into the site,, and We will be working to resolve this issue as quickly as we can. We will post more details here as we have them. Update: From what we… more »

dotProject 2.1.3 Released!

November 26th, 2009
Please Note: This version has a requirement of PHP 5.2 or greater as it utilizes multi-byte character functionality to help our large amount of international users. We are looking into a more backward compatible solution for earlier versions of PHP.… more »

Git this!

August 29th, 2009
First, thank you to everyone who contributed to our survey over the last few months. The results have been very helpful for us to see how you are using dotProject today. One of the largest changes we've made as a team so far is to move dotProject 2.x… more »

dotProject 2.x and it's Future

June 3rd, 2009
dotProject 2.x has been moving very slowly for the past couple years. This is in part to our announcement in December 2007 that dotProject 3.0 would be a complete rewrite. The rewrite continues and you can checkout the progress at the dotProject SVN… more »

Thank you Benjamin

May 22nd, 2009
We're really pleased that Benjamin (aka TheIdeaMan) has offered to help out the project by taking on more of the administrative tasks. Benjamin has been a much valued and liked member of the dev team for quite a while now and his offer to assist is much… more »

Semi-Regular Post - dotProject is not dead

December 8th, 2008
dp3 development proceeded apace whilst we were able to pay one of our developers a wage. Unfortunately that doesn't last forever, and whilst the sponsorship amount was unbelievably generous, eventually a full-time job was required. Most of the day jobs… more »

dotProject v2.1.2 - Bug Fix / Security Updates & Performance Enhancements

July 29th, 2008
Version 2.1.2 was released tonight - 29th July 2008. You can get the update from: dotProject Sourceforge Download Further information on what is included in this release is available at: We suggest that all sites upgrade as… more »

dp3 hackfest

June 28th, 2008
I guess it is a bit presumptive to call two developers a hackfest, however mosen and I have spent the last week hacking away at dp3 (dotProject version 3 for the uninitiated) and achieving some considerable milestones. I have been a bit disillusioned… more »

We don't pay for bug reports on dotProject

June 17th, 2008
After all these years as an admin on dotProject, you get to the point where you think you've seen it all. Having spent, what is increasingly close to 50 years on the planet does give you some expectations with regard to other people's behaviour. But… more »

dotProject 3 Development Week

June 11th, 2008
As part of the push to get dotProject 3 moving, we've organised a gathering of the team leader (who is taking a week off work to do this) and the developer who has been working on the dp3 job thanks to the kind sponsorship of De Bortoli Wines. The week… more »

Nightly Snapshot back up to date

June 4th, 2008
It seems that as usual, SourceForge have not been able to manage their user cron jobs and hence our nightly snapshot job has not run for some considerable time (and we were not notified). My profound apologies to all who I've directed to the nightly… more »

2.1.2 Testing / Preparation Update

April 19th, 2008
We've now completed an extensive (over 150 individual test items) testing run of 2.1.2 (the next bug fix release). The status of the release can be monitored at For what's to be incorporated:… more »

dotProject 3 Progress

April 4th, 2008
It's been a little while since the announcement of the Sponsorship of work on dp3 and so it's probably time for a general status update. You can follow the developments in more depth via the commits list (for the technical) at:… more »

dotProject 3.x Development Sponsorship

March 13th, 2008
As you'd be aware from postings on this blog in the past, we have been working on an extensive plan for moving dotProject 3.x forward - both technically and functionally. The actual development work on that has been proceeding as and when developer… more »

How Can You Help:?

January 19th, 2008
We see infrequent offers of help from members of the user community, mostly asking how they can help, offering to develop dotProject. There are three major ways in which users of dotProject can help dotProject. If you're not very technical / don't… more »

Maintenance Release 2.1.2

January 9th, 2008
We're currently running testing on the 2.x CVS tree of dotProject looking towards a 2.1.2 release. This release will include some badly needed fixes to the Files / Folder handling which unfortunately did not incorporate permissions handling properly, as… more »

Clearing up some misconceptions

December 21st, 2007
It would appear that there is the assumption that the move to Zend is going to lose code that has already been developed in the head branch. This, unfortunately, is even coming from former dP developers who should know better. Let me make this… more »

dotProject v2.1.2

December 20th, 2007
The current release of dotProject is v2.1.1 We are working on a few odds and ends of bug fixes, some performance improvements and a greatly needed overhaul of some of the code in the Files Module (including sorting out permissions inconsistencies), and… more »

dotProject Version 3

December 14th, 2007
In case you missed the announcement we decided that dotProject series 3 needed to have some radical surgery. So we took a look at what was around and decided that a decent framework was in order. So in steps Zend Framework, and a few fevered nights of… more »

Working smarter, not harder

November 30th, 2007
I'm often amused at the store people put in statistics. Forum post counts, bug counts, code commits, even lines of code are often touted as being indicative of some worth. The trouble is they are all very misleading. And what does it mean anyway?… more »

dotProject now using Subversion

November 16th, 2007
Since dotProject was first registered on SourceForge on 1st March 2001, we have used their CVS system for managing the code. Today we moved this across to Subversion (SVN). There are a number of reasons behind the move and behind the timing. Since we… more »

Release 2.1.1 now available

November 15th, 2007
It has been a bit of a rocky road but we have now sorted out all of the insanity in the 2.1 release and have a stable 2.1.1 release for your pleasure. If you installed 2.1 or any of the CVS snapshots since, you should immediately upgrade to 2.1.1 as… more »

dotProject 2.x Manuals

November 14th, 2007
With thanks to DeBortoli Wines here in Australia for their sponsorship of the task, we are able to provide a 2.x compatible / offline dotProject User Manual. You can find the PDF's packaged into a single file at: Sourceforge dotProject 2.x Manuals They… more »

Clash of Cultures: Open source and Business

November 4th, 2007
The core dotProject development team is taking a rather controversial direction in its future development path, and the fallout from this prompted me to look at some of the ideas behind the controversy. Business struggles with Open Source. It has a… more »

dotProject - Moving Forward

October 30th, 2007
Anyone who has been around dotProject for even a short period of time will know that there are two fundamentals to the way we operate: 1. We defend our dev team's volunteer status and we're grateful for the support that they provide the project; and 2.… more »

Status of 2.1 Release

October 22nd, 2007
After discovering a number of significant bugs in the 2.1 release we've spent the weekend undertaking an extensive bug testing regime - which is still underway. Part of the reason for that is that we're running a series of test scripts over every… more »

2.1 Show stopper bug

October 19th, 2007
It would appear that 2.1 out of the box has a show stopper bug in project Gantt charts and they are effectively unusable. We would strongly suggest that you hold off on deploying 2.1 until we can cut a new release. Our profound apologies for any… more »

2.1 is out

October 14th, 2007
After a rather long gestation period, the dotProject team is proud to announce the arrival of a new stable release of dotProject. 2.1 is out and if you have a version prior to this (including the 2.1-rc1 and 2.1-rc2 versions) you should upgrade. What's… more »

dotProject Interview -

October 5th, 2007
Being a bit of a devotee of in my own right I was very pleased when Ron contacted us recently about getting somebody from the dev team to talk to him about dotProject. If anybody's interested - the podcast of the interview is available at:… more »

Preparations for 2.1 Release

September 19th, 2007
The more eagle eyed of our participants will have undoubtedly noticed a flurry of activity on the bugs listings in the last few days We're lurching back into activity and getting the 2.1 release organised. These releases take… more »

Marketplace back again

August 13th, 2007
The Marketplace should be available again at Please note that the alternative URL, will no longer work. As this has required a DNS change, it may take a few hours for it to… more »

Marketplace still down

August 12th, 2007
It turns out we have had a minor problem with the site move, and that is that the Marketplace is not functioning. We will be working on this and hope to have it back and running within 24 hours. more »

Move completed

August 12th, 2007
You may have noticed a system down message on the main site (and bugs and forums), this was due to the hosting changeover. Everything was completed successfully and you should be now back to full service. We are hoping this will provide a better service… more »

Web Infrastructure Moving to a new hosting environment

August 10th, 2007
It seems that the web community for dotProject is getting a bit big for its books and we're causing problems for the upstream hoster of the server that we're currently located on. We've decided to move to another hosting environment because of this -… more »

Download issues now seem to be sorted out

June 4th, 2007
Thanks ajdonnison - it looks like that problem with downloading Language Packs etc is sorted out for the moment. more »

Language Pack Downloads

June 4th, 2007
Still dealing with odds and ends of fallout from the server change over for the main website - the latest one to come to light is that language pack downloads aren't working. We're looking into it at the moment and we'll update here once it's sorted out. more » is Back and Functioning

May 30th, 2007
Looks like we've sorted out most of the problems with the move now so you should be able to login everywhere. Thanks for your patience and thanks to our kind hosters - they have moved us onto a considerably bigger platform which will handle the level of… more »

Problems logging in on

May 28th, 2007
We are very lucky in that our kind hosters are in the process of moving us onto a bigger server to take the increasing traffic load but there's a few hiccups and odds and ends which we're working on resolving at the moment. We'll get it sorted as… more »

2.1 Release Candidate 2 is out

May 21st, 2007
dotProject 2.1 Release Candidate 2 is now available for download. We took a little longer than expected but the wait should be worth it. A number of security fixes that we started in 2.1 rc1 were completed in rc2. I don't really expect there to be an… more »

Getting dotProject Support

May 21st, 2007
We've had a bit of a rush of confusion again over asking for dotProject support. All Support is obtained via the support forums - This includes user, installation, administration AND development questions. Please DO NOT… more »

dotProject is not a CMS

April 12th, 2007
OK, enough is enough. Stop putting dotProject into the classification of CMS (Content Management System). It isn't. It is a software to support project management. It doesn't manage content, it helps manage projects. I'm even a little uncomfortable with… more »

Upgrade of a few packages

April 3rd, 2007
Over the next few days, time permitting, we need to update the versions of some of the packages we use on - if you keep an eye on the Moderator's announcements forum ( and here we'll let you know as each… more »

2.1 - rc2

April 1st, 2007
We're currently getting sorted to get the next release candidate out this week (probably by Wednesday if the planets align and nothing blows up in our faces somewhere else). If anybody is sitting on any bug reports or waiting to provide any feedback to… more » is back

March 29th, 2007
As you've probably all noticed Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you to - those generous people have upped the bandwidth allocation that they already donate to us all. Remember hosting packages for dotProject - speak to… more »

Exceeded Bandwith on

March 28th, 2007
Sorry everyone - it's been too popular again this month and we've exceeded our bandwith allocation. We've been in touch with our kind hosters to see if they can give us a little wiggle room this close to the end of the month and we'll be back soon.… more »

Forgotten your Password

March 22nd, 2007
If you have forgotten your password the packages that we use on all incorporate ways of getting it sent to you automatically. On the main site ( in the login box on the extreme right hand side of the… more »

Filthy lucre

March 20th, 2007
There are some services within the dotProject infrastructure that you can pay for. Paid For / Priority Support on the dotProject forums - see Pay_for_Support if you want details on how it works. The… more »

Ever Heard of a Whitelist?.... didn't think so

March 19th, 2007
Okay, 'fess up. Who is running the "daft act guaranteed to drive an admin barking mad in 10 seconds" competition? It's got to be organised. There's no other way to explain the way that these acts happen in blocks. This Week's act of bastardry is all… more »

We're going to move here for dotProject Mutterings

March 18th, 2007
As our private blogs often waffle on about totally untechnical things, we're moving out dotProject discussions to here. more »