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Comment from: J.C. Denton [Visitor]  
J.C. Denton

This just sounds so good. When having a look at dotproject.net a few months ago and now (the time of writing this) I felt like development came to a stop. Fortunaltely I read nealy everything on your website and thus figured out the location of this dev-blog. Let me say that I think dotProjekt is one of the nicest project mannagement softwares I ever had installed in my local webserver. ;-) I want to say THANKS to all of you who develop this piece of software. I also hope developments never stops and those (few) remaining bugs will be no more soon.

- J.C.

19/05/08 @ 19:44
Comment from: spieldenner [Visitor]  

I have recently discovered Dotproject and I find it very nice.
I hope that the next version will come soon and the development effort nether stop.
Thanks to the development team.
NB: Excuse me for my english, it is very poor. I have improved the french translation, it is avalaible.

29/05/08 @ 00:49
Comment from: SK [Visitor]  

Any idea when the Version 3.0 be available? And would it be backward-compatible?


- SK

02/06/08 @ 17:57
Comment from: [Member]

As you’d be aware we don’t give availabilities - we have a dev working on it at present and you can follow progress at http://devsite.dotproject.net

We will be providing an upgrade path for your current database. Add on module developers will probably have to modify to the new API - which we’ll publish once it’s available.

02/06/08 @ 18:25

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