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Comment from: Jeff [Visitor]

Thank you for continuing development!

24/11/10 @ 08:14
Comment from: Luis Molina [Visitor]
Luis Molina

great news! Thanks for continuing development!

25/11/10 @ 19:15
Comment from: Samich [Visitor]


26/11/10 @ 02:52
Comment from: Lauren [Visitor]

Yes, thank you for keeping this piece of sowtware alive. It’s great

26/11/10 @ 04:00
Comment from: Luke [Visitor]

Thank you for the update. I have used DotProject for years and was afraid it was no longer being updated. One thing I noticed after the update to 2.1.4, the calendars have all switched to European format (Monday is start of week instead of Sunday). I don’t see an option to set it back to US format. Am I overlooking the setting or is this a permanent change?

01/12/10 @ 00:52
Comment from: [Member]

Questions are best asked at the support forums (http://forums.dotproject.net) and check the bug reports (http://bugs.dotproject.net)

01/12/10 @ 09:20
Comment from: Raul [Visitor]

Thank you

02/12/10 @ 03:05
Comment from: Cesar [Visitor]

Thank you for your effort!!

10/12/10 @ 21:56
Comment from: Shrenik Shah [Visitor]
Shrenik Shah

Great project.
Keep going…..
Thank you for your effort!!!!!!!!!!

16/12/10 @ 21:07
Comment from: Pablo [Visitor]

great job, so if a redesign is needed, please do not abandon the project

18/12/10 @ 04:10
Comment from: b1en [Visitor]

Thanks for your GREAT JOB!!

27/12/10 @ 02:36
Comment from: michal [Visitor]

Juppi! My favourite PM system is still in development!

04/01/11 @ 20:58
Comment from: Geoff Coope [Visitor]
Geoff Coope

Just discovered this wonderful project is still in development! Used it several years ago and loved it. Thanks!

06/01/11 @ 02:50

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