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Comment from: Derick O'Leary [Visitor]  
Derick O'Leary

Glad to hear you are takling the MVC approach to the project. I am eagerly awaiting its release!

22/08/08 @ 19:46
Comment from: LeBaux [Visitor]  

Hi, I am using dp2 and so far I am satisfied. Also, I am looking forward to dp3. It is amazing how much energy and dedication you have. My only and core question will be the migration from dp2 to dp3.

best of luck,

12/10/08 @ 22:46
Comment from: Mark W [Visitor]  
Mark W

Hi Guys

Ive been a long term fan of dotproject, despite some of its “oddities",
Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the effort you guys are putting in. Version three will be a massive step into the future and i cant wait for it. Reading some of the forum postings (here and other open source projects) its amazing how cranky and demanding people get.. Sheesh I wish people would give people like yourselves a break , its FREE software that you guys write out of the desire to improve the world.

Anyhow keep up the great work, you are appreciated

Mark - Brisbane

24/10/08 @ 09:30
Comment from: Jeroen v D [Visitor]
Jeroen v D

Good work guys! I just installed the 2.1.2 version and it looks very decent! I’m going to use it for my own PM but I’m excited for the new version in Zend Framework. I’ve been playing with it too and i gets an app running in no time! Maybe something to look into for version3: http://extjs.com/ ,should be very easy to integrate with ZF.

12/11/08 @ 02:16
Comment from: Carl Constantine [Visitor]
Carl Constantine

I can’t wait for dp3. I’ve started using dp2 and want to join your development effort (just have to re-create my sourceforge account). I’m an accomplished technical writer as well, having written for SAMS, New Riders, O’Reilly.net and Metrowerks (makers of the CodeWarrior development environment) I feel pretty confident that I can help out in this area.

Looking over the modules, many haven’t been touched in a long time. I want to take on the Invoicing module as it’s near and dear to my heart and it hasn’t been updated since 2006, as long as there are no objections.

19/11/08 @ 04:47
Comment from: [Member]

Carl - have a look at: http://docs.dotproject.net/index.php?title=Category:AddOn_Modules

You’d be more than welcome to dive into the invoice module - send your sourceforge ID to me at karen at dotproject dot net and I’ll add you to the dotMods project.

05/04/09 @ 08:57
Comment from: Harsh [Visitor]  

I just installed 2.1.2, it looks good to me as it solves a lot of our issues in PM.
Great work guys!

14/08/09 @ 10:19
Comment from: vstsjfh [Visitor]

I’m also a dp2 user and I’m quite satisfied. I encourage you in dp3 task and I thank you in advance your huge effort, good ideas and your catching enthusiasm. I’m looking forward to dp3 too.

14/08/09 @ 21:51

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