A Few Days On

The chicks are doing very well - some of them are a few days younger than others and not quite as bold. Hence only the one photo of Daysie with one of her 4.   Maysie has the slightly older 5 and they are rapidly becoming more of a handful for her.… more »

Very Comfy Thanks

  and they talk about "a dog's life".... more »

Breeding Season has started

Now that we finally have the breeding chooks that I've wanted, we're launching into breeding season.  Excess roosters notwithstanding... so far we have 6 hatched (5 surviving chicks) under one surrogate mother, and 4 hatched chicks, 2 eggs remaining… more »

Our Little Girls Have Grown Up a Lot

And got pushy, and a little bit bitey when you're slow with the food buckets - but these pigs are absolutely hilarious and the best entertainment.  (Even better now that they are too big to jump through the little chook sized hatch into the chook house… more »