Apple Harvest

Having the coolroom up and running now means that this weekend we could pick what was left on the apple trees in the older orchard here.   Mostly Granny Smiths, some eaters, we'd already opted not to save the Golden Delicious (even the pigs don't want… more »

Welcome Lillie the Pig

Well it's official - Billie now has a sister Lillie (who really is her sister), but she's arrived, settled in and they both became rapidly very well bonded.  In fact apart from Lillie being a bit more twitchy about us - and slightly bigger than Billie… more »

Planking Kitty?

Okay - so she's slightly more relaxed than most plankers... but Lady Penelope is no copy cat. more »

Welcome Billie the Pig

Billie the Pig (think Billy the Kid to get the joke) arrived on Saturday. She's beautiful.  And as funny as.  Very chatty (well grunty), very tiny, and boy oh boy, would she eat if you let her.   Billie was supposed to come with her sister, but… more »