Welcome Lillie the Pig

Well it's official - Billie now has a sister Lillie (who really is her sister), but she's arrived, settled in and they both became rapidly very well bonded.  In fact apart from Lillie being a bit more twitchy about us - and slightly bigger than Billie when she arrived - they are hard to tell apart if you don't spend a lot of time with them.




You're just going to have to trust me on this - but that's Billie's face and Lillie's... other end.


We spent Saturday in the orchard, picking apples and starting to tidy up a bit - so they spent the day with us.  Dust bathing, digging holes that became quite an obstacle course around the place and playing.  They just had a ball - played all day.


This time - both faces.  They move like greased lightening so its hard to still photo them - and the video's I took just have lots of dark flashes moving around - but this time it's Billie standing up (well she was running so she's a bit blurry) and Lillie claiming the dust bath.  The reason Billie is running is that she'd just got bitten on the ear and she was squealing for the universe!

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