Friendly Kitty

I realise it doesn't look like it from this photo:   but these two are getting on really really well.  Every night, curled up in bed now you listen to the sound of cat attack - aka them both playing which involves a lot of running around, a fair amount… more »

Helpful Kitty

After a morning fighting one very determined cat who discovered, to his pleasure, that the keyboards of laptops are quite warm, and then insisted on sitting on them constantly (made for some interesting browsing options this morning)... we reached a… more »

Few Tasks in between Day Jobs

Himself is about to start a new job (tomorrow now!) so we had a bit of a break in between to get some big jobs done.  We started a few, finished one, and have got the other two well on the way... now if I can just work out a way of getting the Alpaca… more »

Reasons for Distraction

There's been a bit of a conspiracy pushing us in this direction for a while now. Andrea in Perth works as a Foster Carer for Rescue Animals and it's very very hard to ignore the example she sets in her terrific work with cats who have had a rough start… more »