Moonambel WIldflowers

It's Moonambel's 150th Birthday Celebrations this week, but the wildflower display in the Moonambel Cemetery decided to start the party early. And we missed the first flush of the flowers. It's times like these I wish we had a better digital camera and… more »

Limping Ducks and Naked Alpacas

Spring brings with it a series of challenges. The first one we've been dealing with is slipping tendons in a couple of our ducks - we assume caused by "over enthusiastic" drakes. To be honest I'm as close as I've ever come to popping one of my birds in… more »

Signs, Dogs, Turkeys, Alpacas

One of the other jobs that Adam's been working on is starting to get some signs up around the place. Leading onto the "Free Range Eggs" signs and other things that are going to go up on the road once we've got all the other ducks in a row (so to speak!)… more »

Major Garden Construction Projects - Snake Gardens

A while ago the "dam" tank at the end of the little farm shed sprang a leak. We hummed and haaed a bit about putting a liner in it, but it was starting to look a bit dodgy in a few places, so ultimately we replaced it. We came up with a bit of a cunning… more »

A Pony Next Door is nearly as good

I still haven't quite managed to run an argument about my very own pony - and I don't know that events on Wednesday morning in these parts exactly helped my position a lot Meet Leroy: Born around 2.00am on Tuesday - mum was a bit standoffish to start… more »