Limping Ducks and Naked Alpacas

Spring brings with it a series of challenges.

The first one we've been dealing with is slipping tendons in a couple of our ducks - we assume caused by "over enthusiastic" drakes. To be honest I'm as close as I've ever come to popping one of my birds in a pot - a couple of these drakes now run when they see me coming with the hose - honestly - they are persistent little boys! A couple of the female Saxony's are now presenting with a slipping tendon.

Meet one half of Limp Biscuit:

One slightly placid duck

We've found that elastic ankle strapping bandage is the best way to go - we do have to replace it every few days as they are in out and out the dam, but when the strapping is in place, no limping. This bandage had been in place for quite a few days and we noticed a slight limp starting up again

Old Bandage

Quick check of the leg to make sure the bandage isn't irritating and we're ready to put the new one on:

New Bandage ready to do on

One nice clean new bandage!

New Bandage on and ready to go

One duck on the run

And she's off

Back with her friends - and they get hard to pick after a while (we're thinking of changing to bright blue or pink bandages!)

Back in the flock

Now - the other necessary evil at this time of the year is shearing Alpacas. Which is an undignified process no matter how you look at it. The boys had to be penned, and a wonderful bloke who really knows his stuff arrived on Sunday morning. A little tricky to catch them, but once caught, they are tipped onto a mat on the ground, their front and back legs secured in a hold which spread-eagles them. And they are shorn. With Adam' holding, Tim shearing and me doing the roust-abouting. The good thing is that they are basically pretty healthy - toenails needed clipping, Vit D injections and vaccinations done.

Now they are sulking badly and won't come near me - but I'm hoping they will eventually forgive us.


Big Fluffy Boys

Big Fluffy Boys!

Big Fluffy Boys

Itty Bitty Tiny Boys!

Turns out most of them ended up in garbage bags. We've got some serious fleece processing to be getting on with now. Socks and jumpers here they come.









Oh and because you simply can't keep a man away from a fire - our new fire pit:

Fire Pit

Last night's dinner came out of the pit - cooking away whilst we chased around on night rounds. I suspect this will get a bit of a working out over the upcoming summer.


Comment from: Jane Burfield [Visitor]
Jane Burfield

I felt like i was there, strapping duck legs. When our late dog had to have her leg wrapped, my daughter Miranda used multi colours of pet wrap to make a fashion statement, and our dog loved it !

25/10/10 @ 11:20
Comment from: [Member]

LOL - you have reminded me about dogs and bandages Jane - our German Shepherd boy had to have his leg heavily bandaged after an operation on his elbow as a puppy and they used a bright pink bandage. We often wondered whether it was the faulty elbow or the bandages that meant he never ever did learn how to cock his leg (or just that the female shepherd house trained him for us :) :) )

25/10/10 @ 11:45
Comment from: Sulari Gentill [Visitor]
Sulari Gentill

Hi Karen

Heartened to know the lame ducks of this world are well defended!!



26/10/10 @ 18:27

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