Countdown Can Probably Commence!

Well contracts are exchanged, deposits paid, banks spoken to, lawyers applying for certificates, dates for inspections are being considered and boxes - oh the boxes - are being packed. At last it's looking like we're going to be getting out of here. We… more »

Sunday is smoke free in the Dandenongs

HA HA HA This is one of our "smoke" free Sundays. I'd been looking forward to today - it's supposed to rain at some stage, but I thought first thing I'll get out and start packing up some of the garden equipment and generally getting more and more… more »

It's all happening

One thing nobody could ever accuse us of is not leaping in and taking the opportunity when it presents. Of course it means we spend a fair amount of our life digging like hell to try and get ourselves out of whatever hole we've managed to fall into this… more »