The move to Redbank is going to be a little bit sadder for us. Gryphon won't be coming with us. He died tonight. The Degenerative Nerve Disease in his back has been getting steadily worse for many months now, culminating, this morning, in him being… more »

Another step closer

I made the pilgrimage to our new property on Friday afternoon, heading through stop-start traffic on the Monash and through the tunnel until I hit the Westgate Bridge, when it all cleared and it was pretty plain sailing from then. I had with me some… more »

Bird Life

We spent the day in Redbank yesterday - cleaning, getting a few things sorted out. Moved the blasted combustion stove into the big shed. That stove has been a trial. It's a freebie from friends who are renovating. We really wanted the stove - the… more »

Settlements Happen

Well - for our faults and with due consideration of how sometimes you can leap in with both feet and find yourself with no paddle whatsoever, settlement happened. We own a little piece of the bush looking towards the Pyrenees Ranges. It's dry up there -… more »

What a Lot of (Recyclable) Rubbish

Today we took our first load of rubbish off to the Waste Transfer Centre. Once we actually found the blasted thing because road signs are optional out there, we dumped off a small ute load. It was rather satisfying to realise that after all these years… more »