Open for Business

Finally, after a lot of dithering and mucking about, the Farm Shop at Snake Gully Farm is more than just a figment of our fevered imaginations! Baby steps and all that more »

Of course one of us could sleep in the next bed along

  But we're Aussie Terriers and we don't do alone time.... more »

Pigs on the Move

We've finally managed to get the moveable pen and housing all built, setup and we've done our first overnight stay (ie no more morning and night running of the pigs!) Move number 1 on Sunday - the pen went from straight up the paddock (basically… more »

What We Didn't Do on the Holidays

Just about everything really - courtesy of a heavy head cold caught by himself Day 2. Next time we attempt something like a working holiday we're going to ban everybody for a fortnight before hand!   All plans, therefore, got pitched out the window an… more »