No it didn't rain

Yes we know they were predicting rain yesterday - managed to raise a smile although, to be honest, you can see the punchline coming now. We know it has rained in other parts of the State - oh do we know that.  We got a hot, windy, dry day - and a… more »

The Sound Track of Our Lives

We recently got some guinea fowl - early snake warning system / early intruder warning system / the cat's here the CAT'S HERE warning system... the noise is hilarious. And it's consistent. Whereas you can hear them from just about everywhere - right n… more »

Water Maths

Math's aren't my strong point. Which makes this "rain business" even more complicated than you'd think. Mind you, I got Saturday right - ignoring the 20 or so ml forecast they were dangling earlier in the week because... well really..... eventually th… more »

Yesterday's Forecast: Showers, Band of Rain, Possible Thunderstorms

Oh we laughed - great joke! 1/2 ml in the gauge this morning. more »

The new and the very very old

He's been out and about with the camera - so some of the new additions   Starting out with Alvin, Simon and Theodore - the 2 lambs are now nearly the same size as Alvin and... well absolute and utter brats. Funny as - but most of the laughing accompan… more »