No Photos yet of this last weekend's effort

Which is a huge pity as Adam finished the flooring at one end of the house (all we have to do is paint the tricky bits in the bathroom and that part's done). At the other end, the ceilings are now all painted, the laundry is finished (except for a… more »

Another Day, Another Load

This time of office stuff - it's astounding the number of bits of paper that make up a companies operation - but just about all of that guff is now moved. One more load of odds and ends and all that will be left downstairs will be a few desks and the… more »

Clearing Out Downstairs and Gale Force Winds

We started emptying furniture out of the office this weekend. It started with a "bit of a good idea" - we hired a furniture trailer to pull behind the ute (which is the only car we've got with a tow bar). Those furniture trailers are very very heavy -… more »

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft

OK, maybe not. But the satellite internet service is now in and it seems to work fine. The installer was caught up at another site and the 1:30pm appointment quickly became 5pm, so I filled in the time doing more flooring. Now I've nearly finished one… more »

Switching Driving Roles Today

Today I get to stay home and himself is heading up to Redbank. The satellite installer is going to be there this afternoon. Woo HOOOOOO This means that we can now seriously start moving things over. Of course we still haven't finished the painting, or… more »